Venue Spotlight: Tucson Improv Movement (TIM)

James Pack/ December 23, 2018

We have another venue for the 8th Tucson Fringe Festival. Tucson Improv Movement was kind enough to help us in a jam. About six weeks before the festival, one of our venues announced they were closing on January 1. Two shows had lost their venue. We began plotting ideas and brainstorming replacement venues we could use. We discussed squeezing shows into other venues and even considered using the Fringe Lounge for those shows. It was a stressful couple of weeks, and we weren’t sure if we would find another venue in enough time.

Tucson Improv Movement came to the rescue and offered their space. We are forever grateful and the two shows in questions are comedy shows and this fits what TIM offers. So, what does TIM do? Tucson Improv Movement offers classes and shows in improvisation. They strive to be the premier comedy destination for the city of Tucson. And they don’t just focus on improvisation. They offer classes in comedy writing and standup comedy. This is an intimate space and they offer beer and wine.

This is the first time Tucson Fringe has worked with TIM, but we are familiar with the space. A few years ago, the venue was called FLUXX and they hosted the festival a couple times over the last seven years. They are located near the downtown/Fourth Avenue underpass which puts them only a couple minutes walk away from Hotel Congress. They are also close to the streetcar with a drop off and pickup nearby on 4thAve and 9thSt. We at the festival are happy to include a staple of Tucson comedy in our upcoming festival and we hope to include them in years to come.

Short Disclaimer: We have updated information on our website but some information online or in print may not reflect changes. Shows will take place at TIM instead of CANS. We apologize for any confusion. Check the website for the most accurate information.

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