Dear Tucson…

How’s it going?  Are you holding up okay?  I know, I know—we’d all be doing better with a little bit more rain.  So, in case you haven’t heard, we’re having this event, a “festival,” if you will.  Yeah, that is how we got our name, actually.  This will be our fourth one!  Anyway, we’ve got a gaggle of performers (or is it a flock of performers?) lined up and the whole thing will be taking place the weekend of September 12th–14th, 2014.  You can buy your tickets online right now, or you can wait and buy them at the door, unless they’ve sold out in advance.

This year we have shows taking place at Club Congress and Fluxx.  We’re thrilled to be returning to the historic Club Congress, and we can’t tell you how excited we are to be making our debut at Fluxx!

Some of you may have attended one of our past festivals, or maybe 2014 will be your first.  Either way, we recommend you check out our handy new guide, How to Fringe (Tucson Style).  It’ll give you all the pertinent details on how to appropriately Fringe it up.  And it’ll probably make you laugh, but maybe we’re biased (or maybe we are as hilarious as we think we are.)

See you this weekend!


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 We’re hosting a meet & greet and panel discussion with some of our Fringe participants on Saturday, September 13th, 12:00PM at Fluxx.  It’s a free event.  You should plan on attending!

P.P.S.  Did I mention there would be free light refreshments (including wine) at our free event?

P.P.P.S.  Free!

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