Frequently Asked Questions

What are Fringe Buttons?

Every audience member of the Tucson Fringe Festival must purchase and wear an admission button in order to access our events. Think of it as a cover charge or access pass to the 50+ shows, events, and galleries throughout our four-day festival. It’s like buying an admission ticket to a carnival then buying tickets for each ride. It’s a one-time purchase of $3.00. Buttons can be purchased online or at each of our venues.

Why do I need a button?

The Tucson Fringe Festival is committed to rewarding our artists and venue partners for their commitment to the Tucson Arts Community. Revenue generated by ticket sales go directly toward paying our artists and venue partners.

The revenue from admission button purchases support the operating costs of the Tucson Fringe Festival. They allow us to keep our artists and venues supported while keeping you, our fantastic Fringe audiences, engaged.

When you purchase a button, you also get discounts and deals from local businesses through our Button Discounts program. Each event during the festival will offer an insert to audiences with a list of local downtown Tucson businesses offering discounts during the festival weekend.

I bought my tickets early online. How do I get my tickets and passes?

You should have received an email receipt with a QR code for your tickets. We can scan that code at the box office and you’ll be all set. If you cannot find your email, give us the first and last name of the person who purchased the tickets and we can look up your name and check you in at the box office. It’s that easy.

If I buy a 2-Show or 5-Show pass, can I pick the shows I want to see early?

Yes! With our new ticketing system, it is very easy for you to choose and reserve your tickets for specific shows. How does this work? Purchase all the passes you want and check out. Do not purchase any single show tickets yet. You’ll be asked a couple questions before completing your order. You’ll choose whether you want “1 single use code for multiple tickets (must be used in one transaction)” or “Multiple single use codes for 1 ticket each (can be used in more than one transaction).”

After checking out, give us approximately 7 days to create the promotional codes which we will send to you via email. These codes can only be used one time and you can only use one promotional code per transaction. After you receive your codes, you can choose which shows you want to attend, put in your promotional code, and the cost for the tickets will be reduced to zero since you already paid for them. You can use these codes for any live in-person show and any live zoom show. After checking out, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your ticket information. Please watch the video below for an example of how this works.

Can I use the 2-Show or 5-Show pass for the live Zoom shows?

Yes! You would purchase the tickets to the zoom show with your promo codes the same way you would with any of our other shows.

Do you have a face mask or vaccination policy?

This year, we are asking that all attendees wear face masks, AND provide proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test within 72 hours of the festival. You can show physical copies or provide a picture on your phone. We will not allow admittance until you have provided proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test with 72 hours of the festival.

How Can I Help Tucson Fringe?

The easiest way to support us is by following us on social media. Like posts, leave comments, share photos and stories of your Fringe experiences. Also, tell your friends about us and share things on social media. Word of Mouth has always been the best marketing tool. Tell others who we are to help us grow.

The next best way to support Tucson Fringe is by attending our events. See a show or come to one of our mixers and fundraising events. Show your support by attending events and sharing photos while you’re there.

We are a 501(c)3 Nonprofit and we do accept donations and sponsorships. You can donate any amount or you can check out our Sponsorship Page to see what perks you can get as a festival sponsor.

If you’re unable to support us financially, we always need help during the festival and throughout the year. We offer internships for high school and college students. We also are always looking for volunteers and new members for our Board of Directors. Learn more about volunteering and requirements for members of the Board of Directors on the Volunteer Page.

Meet our current Board and Staff Members!

More questions coming soon.