What’s New with Fringe?

James Pack/ December 18, 2018

The festival has grown exponentially over the years and each year brings something new and different. Sometimes there is a new venue, a new genre of artist, or a mix of multiple things. Last year we hosted our first Bring Your Own Venue and, we were so pleased with the results, we have two this year. We have a record number of venues this year and the logistics alone are frustrating. Besides a new string of shows and artists, what’s new for the 2019 Tucson Fringe Festival? What are the most significant changes?

Visual Fringe

This is the first year we are featuring a visual art element. Many Fringe Festival include visual art such as photography and painting and Tucson Fringe wanted to feature these artists as well. During the festival weekend, artists will have their work featured at the Steinfeld Warehouse for audiences to view in between performances. Each artist will have a two-foot by two-foot wall space to feature any of their work they wish. Viewing the art is free to anyone with a Fringe Button or Pass and anyone from the public may view the art with the purchase of a Fringe Button. Visit the Facebook Event Page to learn more about Visual Fringe.

Fringe Lounge

Another idea we’re trying out for the first time this year is the Fringe Lounge. Just as the name suggests, this will be an area for artists to relax between performances. Fringe Lounge will also hold our customer service area for any questions, comments, or concerns about the festival. Passes and tickets bought online can be picked up at Fringe Lounge. It will also include a Lost and Found for lost items and even lost audience members. If you purchased a ticket for a friend not realizing they already bought a ticket, Fringe Lounge is the place to get that refunded. Learn more about Fringe Lounge on our 2019 Fringe Schedule Page.

By consolidating customer service into one location, we hope to speed up and organize the lines at each of our many venues. We hope to continue these fun new features of the Tucson Fringe Festival. We want to provide the artists with opportunities to earn a little income from their self-expression and we want our Tucson audiences to get as much as they can with their Fringe Button. Have ideas about how to improve the Fringe? We hope you will first attend the festival and then please fill out the form on our Contact Page or leave a comment on our Facebook Page.

All feedback is always welcome. We hope you enjoy the newest editions to the only Fringe Festival in Arizona.

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