Venue Spotlight: BYOV Tucson Circus Academy

Paola Garcia-Prieto/ December 31, 2019

Our final venues for the 8th Tucson Fringe Theatre Festival are BYOV, a fringe term meaning “Bring Your Own Venue.” One of many things the Fringe provides for artists are venues and liability insurance, but sometimes artists find their own venues to use or their act requires more stringent (and more expensive) insurance. They pay the costs for their venue, instead of the festival. In most cases, this allows them more freedom with scheduling and use of space. This is the third year the Tucson Fringe Festival has hosted a BYOV performance and we are excited to continue bringing Tucson the finest in Fringe performance. 

Our one BYOV this year is The Circus Academy of Tucson! And the group performing in the Tucson Fringe Festival is the “Spider Silk Circus,” the professional performing branch of the Circus Academy.

The Circus Academy is a program and space primarily dedicated to teaching circus arts and aerial disciplines to local kids and adults. Their mission is to provide a well-rounded and diverse education in circus and theater arts to youth and adults in the Tucson community. They aim to be part of their student’s development. This includes “offering community service opportunities and lessons on setting and completing goals, working as part of a team and exploring the self to develop awareness  and progress as human beings.” Learn more about them here!

Spider Silk performs at a variety of private events and puts on a couple of full length shows every year. This is their first year collaborating with the Tucson Fringe Festival, and they’re looking forward to sharing their work with a wider audience! Learn more about them at!

Photo credit: TC Bukowski

Their original show is titled “Currents” and it follows the story of Terradelia, who is drawn to a world under the ocean’s surface. She naively imagines she’ll find a place where she belongs and where life will finally be easy. At first she sees what she wants to in the depths, but when she enters a realm of conflicted powers, where nurturing and destructive forces must coexist, she finds herself pulled along with the currents towards both danger and discovery. This circus show features a range of aerial and ground acrobatic acts in one family-friendly performance on Saturday January 11th at 3pm! Join them at 400 W Speedway Blvd, NW Corner of Speedway and Main.

Photo credit: TC Bukowski
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