Tucson Fringe Festival Will Offer ASL Interpreted Shows

Paola Garcia-Prieto/ January 4, 2020

For the first time in our nine year history, we are excited to announce that we will be featuring ASL interpreters at nine of our performances! Thanks to eight amazing volunteers we are able to bring part of the Tucson Fringe Festival to our Deaf, HoH, and signing community. Next year we hope to have a whole day of our festival with AS: 

All ASL interpreted performances will take place Friday Jan 10th and Saturday Jan 11th. Below are descriptions of five pieces along with the ASL interpreted show times.  

Died in a Trailer Park/Woke up a Mermaid
ASL Interpreted performances:
Friday 6p-7pm @ Steinfeld Warehouse – 101 W 6th St
Saturday 9p-10p @ Steinfeld Warehouse

“Storyteller Ariel Leaf may have been murdered, but that didn’t stop her from living under the Washington Ave. Bridge, having sex in trailer parks, accidentally smoking crack, or unintentionally hitchhiking through Wales.”

House of Hope – Esperanza Dance Project
ASL Interpreted performances:
Friday 9pm-10pm @ ATC’s Cabaret – 330 S. Scott Avenue
Saturday 4:30pm-5:30pm @ ATC’s Cabaret

“Taking its name from the Spanish word for “hope,” the Esperanza Dance Project is a one-of-a-kind, community-based collaboration that spreads awareness and educates about childhood sexual abuse and sexual violence through dance, music and narrative with a powerful performance created for youth and performed by youth. Esperanza Dance Project was started in January 2011, by choreographer, artistic director and mother of a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Beth Braun. Esperanza performs in high schools, colleges, universities, at community events and conferences. Now, beginning its ninth season, EDP continues to touch the lives of thousands and deliver a message of hope for healing, strength and empowerment.”

How to Contract Lycanthropy
ASL Interpreted performances:
Friday 10:30pm-11:30pm @ The Screening Room – 127 E Congress St
Saturday 3pm-4pm @ The Screening Room

“How to Contract Lycanthropy: Because sometimes you need practical advice. A one-man, tweed-wearing, pipe-smoking, comedy lecture – with PowerPoint! – chock full of helpful household tips and tricks from throughout the world and its history for taking the form of a wolf and going forth to maraud and terrify. Also advice on how to become an attractive Amazonian were-dolphin, an avenging Nile were-crocodile, and a menagerie of other bizarre horrors!”

Men are Garbage
ASL Interpreted performance:
Friday 7:30-8:30pm @ Studio One –  197 E Toole Ave

James Pack reflects on childhood trauma through poetry and storytelling. He examines masculinity and anxiety and shares his own personal struggles with mental health and recovery. Raw emotion and pain come alive on stage. “Men Are Garbage” attempts to inform audiences that toxic masculinity is as harmful to men as it is to women.

Silly Women
ASL Interpreted performances:
Friday 9pm-10pm @ Studio One –  197 E Toole Ave
Saturday 6-7pm @ Studio One

“Zoe Keeter is a junior at the University of Arizona pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and Anthropology. She hails from the vast province of all-over-Southeast-Arizona. As an overly dramatic child, she was handed the prestigious title of “Class Clown” from 3rd to 7th grade. Silly Woman is close to her heart as her first devised work, and for the opportunity to work with long-time friend and incredible actress Emily Gates. She hopes that this show makes you laugh a little, think a little, and most importantly, feel a little.  She is incredibly grateful to the Tucson Fringe Festival for this opportunity, and hopes you enjoy the show!”

To buy tickets for any of these shows go to shop.tucsonfringe.org
Please note that only the Friday and Saturday showing of these five shows will have ASL interpreters.

To attend the Tucson Fringe Festival, attendees need to buy a $3 “Fringe Button.” Tickets for each show are then $10 (guests also have the option of buying festival passes that gives them entry to multiple shows for a cheaper rate). The Fringe button will allow guests to get tickets for any other show they want to see AND gets them discounts at many local businesses. More info here: https://www.tucsonfringe.org/what-is-fringe/f-a-q/

If you have any additional questions please email tucsonfringe@gmail.com

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