10 Things to Consider When Attending Fringe

James Pack/ January 4, 2019

As the 8thTucson Fringe Festival approaches, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you plan to attend. After seven years, we’ve picked up of few ideas to help make your experience better and to help eliminate at least some confusion during the festival. Buying tickets to shows in advance is helpful, but sometimes it’s difficult to decide which shows to watch based on only a photo and a short description. Day Passes and All Access Passes are available to help. Buy these in advance then choose what shows to see during the festival and you won’t have to worry about paying. You only need to show your pass to the Box Office Person and they’ll send you through making things easier on everyone. Buy Tickets and Passes Here!

1. Buttons are required; Passes include buttons

Why do you need a button? It’s like a carnival. You pay to get into the carnival then you pay to ride the rides. Tickets sales go directly to the artists and performers. So, how does the Fringe Festival make money? The festival keeps the button money. The Day Passes and All Weekend Passes are divided evenly between the shows where passes are used. Everyone gets a little from sales of the passes.

2. Buttons get you discounts

The Fringe Festival has partnered with many local businesses to offer you discounts when you present your button during the weekend of the festival. This discount can only be applied during the festival. When attending the festival, there will be an insert in your program details all the businesses offering discounts. Some of these businesses are still discussing details. A list will be posted as January approaches.

3. Many places to eat near venues

All the venues for the festival are located in downtown Tucson and other parts of the entertainment district of Tucson. There are many restaurants, bars, and shops down Fourth Avenue and on Congress Street. Some of the venues even offer food, drinks, and alcohol. Have brunch with friends then go see a show. The Festival is great for a full weekend of excitement.

4. Plan ahead, lots of walking

While many venues are not far from each other, it’s possible you will want to see a show at a venue that’s far away from the most recent venue. The most one would have to travel is one mile. You can easily take an Uber or Lyft and most of the venues run along the Tucson Streetcar Line and drop-offs are not far from the venues. If you can handle the walking, enjoy the beautiful Tucson weather. If walking can be challenging for you, plan ahead and decide now if you’ll need a ride to venues.

5. Park for the day and Ride the Streetcar

As mentioned previously, most of our venues (all but three) are near the Tucson Streetcar Line. This is convenient for those of you who may dislike a lot of walking. Several parking lots and garages are posted on a map with our venues and most parking in Tucson is free on the weekends and weekdays after 5pm. Park and Ride during the entire festival. Traveling to each venue is part of the Fringe experience.

6. Meet & Mingle, Brunch, After Parties, Preview nights & days

There are several opportunities to meet the artists and mingle with the Fringe Staff. We have several previews scheduled at two different Bookmans Entertainment Exchange Locations as well as a preview party at Borderlands Brewing Company on Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 6pm. There is also a “Brunch with the Artists” on the Saturday of the Festival giving you another chance to meet the artists and mingle with the Fringe Staff. There is an After Party getting planned for Saturday Night during the festival and more details will follow as they become available. For more details about any of these exciting other events, please visit the 2019 Fringe Schedule Page.

7. Volunteers get free tickets

The Fringe is always in need of volunteers to help the operations of the festival. One of the perks volunteers get is a free ticket to a show in the festival. If you volunteer for multiple volunteer shifts, you can earn an All Access Pass to the festival. Volunteering is straight forward. You act as an usher during the show, passing out programs, and help people find seating. That’s it. No one will ask you to perform and make any commitments beyond the shifts for which you sign up. Fill out our Sign-Up Genius Form and choose your shift.

8. Vote on “Best of Fringe”

During the festival, you’ll see many great shows and it is the audience’s responsibility to vote for their favorite shows in different categories. Some awards include Best Local Show and Best Show Overall. Details on how to vote will be provided during the festival and the more people who vote the more fun the awards are. You can even send an email discussing your favorite shows.

9. Tell us about your experience

Feedback is important to making any experience better. If you have a bad experience or a great one, send an email or fill out the Contact Form. Writing a review on the Fringe Facebook Page is another way to provide feedback. Tell us in person during the festival. We want to know about your experience so we can make the festival better each year. It takes a village and we need your help making the festival better and continue to help if grow into the best festival in the west!

10. Finally, invite your friends and have fun!

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Invite your friends to join you during a show, grab some food, and have a nice weekend filled with entertainment and good company. Isn’t that what life is about? The shows in the Fringe Festival express the human condition in various forms. Forget about your troubles for one weekend and have a great time. See something new and exciting during the 8thTucson Fringe Performing Arts Festival!

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