Festival Wrap Up

James Pack/ February 15, 2021

Our first ever virtual festival was a success. Our live shows on Zoom went well and many of you enjoyed the videos we offered on our YouTube Channel. We still have some videos available for you all to watch. Please like and subscribe to our channel. We hope to utilize our channel more often and include it in our future festivals. We may include Live Zoom Shows as a permanent addition to our in person festival for those folks who may have difficulty traveling. We have many details to consider before making this an option, but we plan to have something figured out before the next festival in 2022, dates TBD.

We want to thank everyone for their continued support. Events for the remainder of the year are uncertain as the future of Covid-19 is uncertain. Once we have information to share we will post it here and in our email newsletter. We still accept donations year-round and you can support us through our Online Store. We accept all online forms of payment. Thank you again, and we hope to see all of you in person next year.

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