2021 Fringe Shows

RSVP for all live Zoom shows on our Eventbrite Page. Visit our YouTube Channel and subscribe. Times for pre-recorded shows are for YouTube Live Streams. The videos will be uploaded following the live stream and stay on YouTube until February 14. All live Zoom shows, YouTube Live Streams, and videos on YouTube are free to watch. Please visit our Contact Page if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Live Zoom Performances

A Different Way of Thinking
Created by Cody Clark
Louisville, KY
Live on Zoom – Sat, Feb 6, 3pm and Sun, Feb 7, 6:30pm.

Magician/autistic self-advocate Cody Clark combines magic, comedy, and storytelling to share what living with autism is like during his virtual magic show. Starting with his initial diagnosis and ending with his college graduation, Cody places his magic routines inside common life experiences to show how his autism makes him different, yet similar to most people. By the end of his show, you’ll see that autism isn’t anything to bescared about, but rather a different way of thinking about the world!

An Arizona Beastiary
Created by Mathew Kessen
Minneapolis, MN
Live on Twitch – Sat, Feb 6, 8pm and Sun, Feb 7, 12pm.

Reverend Matt’s Monster Science: An Arizona Bestiary” is a complete comic (but factual!) talk on the history of the monsters of Arizona. From the prehistoric beasts that roamed the Grand Canyon state, to the monsters of indigenous legend, to modern cryptozoology, the extensive and bizarre history of Arizona’s weird creatures are discussed in full! With jokes! And PowerPoint! Part of the “Reverend Matt’s Monster Science” series, which won “Best Solo Show” at the 2020 Tucson Fringe Festival. 

Climbing My Family Tree
Created by Les Kurkendaal-Barrett
Hollywood, CA
Live on Zoom – Fri, Feb 5, 8pm and Sat, Feb 6, 5pm.

Les just got his results back from Ancestry.com and they are shocking. He embarked on an adventure to find out more about his roots. In the process he discovers a near century old mystery. And what he learns will change his life forever.

Dreams and Schemes
Created by Audrey Gladson
Chicago, IL
Live on Zoom – Thur, Feb 4, 6:30pm and Sat, Feb 6, 1:30pm.

A horrifying discovery at 16, ends (our main character) Audrey’s childhood forever. Venturing into the past, we see the joyful kid she was, change into a self-conscious, reserved young adult after her family faces a painful split. Follow Audrey as she fights desperately to hold onto the kid she used to be through the awkward, and sweaty pangs of Floridian youth. All while discovering along the way her father is on a desperate search to recover something from his past as well.

Created by Nannette Deasy and Graceann Dorse
New York, NY
Live on Zoom – Fri, Feb 5, 6:30pm and Sun, Feb 7, 1:30pm.

Are you sick of your free-loading tabby racking up expenses? Do you want to take your smug pug from BITCH to RICH? Put Fluffy to work and see if he’s got what it takes to be INSTA- FAMOUS! For two nights only, superstar talent agentsCordelia and Cecelia Zimmer, the driving force behind “Glamour Puss Talent, Home to the Most Influential Pets in the World” will throw open the doors of their very exclusive agency to hold an open call audition for their next pet- influencer star.

I, Object
Created by K. Leo Pullin
Alexandria, VA
Live on Zoom – Sat, Feb 6, 6:30pm and Sun, Feb 7, 5pm.

​I, Object is an intermedia performance art piece about the role of civilians, scientists, and politicians in the militarization of Law Enforcement Agencies. Do objects of war belong in civilian spaces? For two nights only, a mock city council will meet, gather more armaments, and listen to REAL EXPERT RESEARCH on TACTICAL VEHICLES! TEAR GAS PAIN! DEADLY NON-LETHAL BATON ROUNDS! and the materials science of HANDHELD BALLISTIC SHIELDS. Music will be had. The artist will be inspired to create posters that are notsuitable for framing.

The Pajama Party Monologues
Created by Dr. Veda Kowalski
Vail, AZ
Live on Zoom – Thur, Feb 4, 8pm and Sun, Feb 7, 3pm.

The Pajama Party Monologues, through storytelling, recreates the lives of Black women who can still find joy in the midst of pain. Stories that begin in childhood extending to the twilight years. Stories about race, sexual violence, and being invisible. Stories of struggle, resilience, and triumph as told through sadness, humor and brutal honesty. Malcom X once described the Black woman as being the most disrespected, unprotected and neglected. This performance gives a glimpse into understanding the many facets of the Black women today. Be prepared to experience a range of emotions and the desire to do some soul searching.

Pre-recorded Performances on YouTube

A Day at the Beach
Created by Karene Vocque
Lodi, CA
YouTube Premiere – Tues, Feb 2, 6:30pm.
Available until February 14.

A beautiful day. A secluded beach. Two strangers. The end of the world approaching. What could go wrong? What could go right? This dramedy explores what happens when a woman with stunted growth and a free spirit goes through the five stages of grief. Questioning faith, the future, and how much alcohol it takes to forget your worries.

After Party
Created by Dominique Ruffalo
Chicago, IL
YouTube Premiere – Mon, Feb 1, 6:30pm.
Available until February 14.

After Party is an original film written and directed by Dominique Ruffalo, featuring songs originally sung by artists Steve Kazze, Lydia Loveless, James Bay, and Panic! at the disco. After Party follows the half drunken stupor of threeindividuals after their best friend’s wedding. All three know the groom, but none, know each other. Weddings either fill you with cheesy hallmark poetry and wistfulness or, in the case of these three, existential dread and desperation. Take a peek behind the curtain and watch three people fall apart in the only way musical theatre majors know how through song and dance.

Comedy Acts of Derring-Do!
Created by Ted Baumhauer
Fairport, NY
YouTube Premiere – Tues, Feb 2, 5:30pm.
Available until February 14.

Ill-advised Comedy Acts of Derring-Do! Being a Juggler means getting no respect. Undaunted, Ted divulges some of the history of juggling, the FAQ’s people ask jugglers and gives the audience a glimpse into the “vacuous mind of a juggler.” Manipulating balls, multiple objects, as well as the audience is all part of the fun. A show for the entire family!

Elizabeth Soflin: By Language Embellished, I
Created by Elizabeth Soflin
Croswell, MI
YouTube Premiere – Wed, Feb 3, 8pm.
Available until February 14.

In a show that is part musical performance and part theater, speaking percussionist Elizabeth Soflin presents two works by composer Stuart Saunders Smith that blurs the boundaries between text and music. Paired with percussive sounds, the texts tell stories, paint images, and sometimes are used as rhythmicimpulse. These words and speech sounds, although prewritten by Smith, take on new meaning, timbre, and pacing with any performer who interprets them due the distinctiveness of each human voice.

Everything is a Little bit Alright
Created by Daniel Hertz
Minneapolis, MN
YouTube Premiere – Tues, Feb 2, 8:30pm.
Available until February 14.

A tender, heartwarming, funny, solo show about moving from grief to healing through the practice of yoga. The audience is invited to join the gentle yoga exercises that the main character does along the way. These simple stress management movements can be done while sitting in a chair or standing. Thisplay was adapted from the critically acclaimed memoir by Daniel Hertz entitled Everything Is A Little Bit Alright. The book has been nominated for the 2021 Minnesota Book Award and other national book awards.

Five Licentious Love Songs
Created by Karla Hughes
La Crosse, WI
YouTube Premiere – Wed, Feb 3, 5:45pm.
Available until February 14.

Do you have a filthy sense of humor? Do you like your songstresses with a smidge of smut? Are you into songs about love with a dash of luridness? Why, yes, yes and YES! Join soprano Karla M Hughes and pianist Janette K Hanson for a debaucherous set of songs by composer/mathematician, Tom Lehrer. Traditionally performed from the male point of view, you are invited to experience these iconic songs from the uniquely feminine perspective accompanied by multimedia imagery.

Pawdemic in Puppy Park
Created by John Vornholt
Tucson, AZ
YouTube Premiere – Tues, Feb 2, 5pm.
Available until February 14.

The dog park is normally a lively (and noisy) place, especially when it’s time for the annual dog show. This year is different, because of K-19 — the Pawdemic that has kept most pets at home, wearing masks. Alexa gamely carries on trying to train her puppy clients to do tricks over Zoom, but how do you conduct a dog show with no dogs? Cortana wants to rig the contest so that her dog, Itsy-bitsy Mitzi, will win first place. But a stray mutt performs the tricks better than any other dog. Plus,he’s chasing everyone’s chickens and won’t wear a mask! So, Cortana hires Bounty the Dog Hunter to put an end to the canine’s career, or else he’s sure to win first place in this adaptation of a live show performed by Active Imagination Theater.

The Chess Players (Shatranj ke Khiladi)
Created by 5 Elementz Theatre
New Delhi, India
YouTube Premiere – Wed, Feb 3, 5pm.
(Thur, Feb 4, 5am New Delhi time.)
Available until February 14.

The play is theatrical presentation of a short story “Shatranj ke Khiladi”, or “The Chess Players”, by the renowned Indian writer Munshi Premchand, published in 1924, is set in the times of Wajid Ali Shah when Lucknow was plunged deep in luxurious living. Premchand portrays a purportedly feudal mentality of a whole culture through the two main protagonists, Mir and Mirza, who are immersed in chess to the point of beingoblivious to everything else. Premchand’s narrative of the two noblemen of Lucknow absorbed in their own game of chess is set forth against the larger chess game- the annexation of Awadh by the British in 1856. Directed by Rakhi Manuv.

The Mighty (pilot)
Created by Naima Boushaki
Tucson, AZ
YouTube Premiere – Tues, Feb 2, 8pm.
Available until February 14.

The Mighty (pilot) is the Fringe Festival Cut of the first episode of a series about a group of twenty somethings navigating their lives after the shutdown of 2020. In an account of each month since COVID-19 pushed the world into a lockdown, a group of friends try to find ways to cope with their drastically changing lives and face the challenges of isolation and uncertainty. This Cut of The Mighty is an experiment in creating a film during a pandemic, in hopes of a vaccine and asafer future. Written and directed by Naima Boushaki, cinematography by Avai d’Amico.

Created by Kate Holden
Boston, MA
YouTube Premiere – Wed, Feb 3, 6:30pm.
Available until February 14.

Trainwreck is a devised puppet/object theatre piece which provokes and pokes fun at the archive of literary dead white guys and their objectification of women’s bodies. This performative literary review fires back at the canon, makes someserious feminist revisions, and asks really important questions like: Why can’t Sherlock Holmes find any women? Why is everyone a sad orphan? Is being locked in an attic advanced hide and go seek? Does Anna Karenina have good orgasms? Do we have to sit through 54 chapters of emotional abuse to find outthat expectations are not, in fact, so great? Are we willing to re-envision a canon?

Walking on Spectrum
Created by Juliana Heng
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
YouTube Premiere – Thur, Feb 4, 5pm.
(Fri, Feb 5, 8am Kuala Lumpur time.)
Available until February 14.

Walking on Spectrum is a 1-hour medley show, exploring different ways to tell one’s life story through comedy, storytelling, and spoken word poetry. Juliana has AutismSpectrum Disorder (ASD). It is a developmental disorder that affects social interaction. Juliana experienced challenges in reading people’s body language, tone of voice, and social cues, leading to anxiety in social situations. It is an invisible disability among females. Having ASD does not make one immune to life challenges, why not live life with a spunk? Be prepared to be moved, laugh, and celebrate life with Juliana!

You’re on Mute
Created by Ricky Quintana and ENMU Theatre Students
Portales, NM
YouTube Premiere – Mon, Feb 1, 8pm.
Available until February 14.

Loneliness. Uncertainty. Hunger. Inequity. Dissociation. Eastern New Mexico University students plunge into themes currently sweeping our nation to bring you stories from the pandemic. This is an exploration about narratives that have gone unheard, on mute. Pulling from documented accounts and personal stories comes a thrilling new piece devised by students, made especially to be enjoyed via Zoom. A reflection on where we have been, this is our love letter to 2020.