Tickets for all shows are available online at the Tucson Fringe Store. Please visit our Contact Page if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. All show times are during the festival weekend, January 9-12, 2020.

On Thursday, January 9, 2020 2pm – 4:30pm, we will have previews of festival shows at both Bookmans East and Bookmans Midtown. At 6pm on Thursday at Cafe Passe, we will have our 2-Minute Preview Party with a brief introduction of every show in the festival. Use the previews to decide which shows you want to attend.

Created by Side Projects
Elgin, IL
The Screening Room – Sat 4:30pm, Sat 9pm, & Sun 1:30pm

Side Projects is the creative arm of Side Street Studio Arts in Elgin, IL. Side Street provides educational and creative resources and an inclusive space, run by artists. Side Street’s mission is to support the artist and artistic journey through collaboration. Side Projects is made up of an ever-rotating assortment of visual and performing artists working collaboratively to create diversions for brave strangers and interactive artistic experiments for the sake of their own sanity.

A Brief History of American Musical Humor
Created by Tom Potter
Tucson, AZ
The Screening Room – Fri 7:30pm

From hokum blues and seafarers’ shanties to musical theatre and stand up comedy, American Musical Humor has given us a delightful way to cope with life’s trials and tribulations. Tom pays homage to this under appreciated aspect of our musical heritage with traditional songs and originals including: Leaving Turn Signals On, Gravity Blues, Uncle Ernie Said, I’m So Ugly, Hallelujah Menudo and The Dirty Joke Blues.
‘A Brief History of American Musical Humor’ is a one-person show featuring Tom and his guitar, harmonica and cajons (not cojones.) To perfect his chops, he recently made a pilgrimage to The Crossroads… he got lost.
In the spectrum of musical humorists like Leadbelly, Victor Borge, Alan Sherman, The Smothers Brothers, Ray Stevens, Pete Barbutti, Mark Russell, Morey Amsterdam and Weird Al… Tom is certainly one. 

A Life of Sorrow – the Life and Times of Carter Stanley
Created by Gary Reid
Roanoke, VA
The Screening Room – Fri 9pm, Sat 7:30pm, & Sun 3pm

A one-man show that uses storytelling and music to bring to life a legendary Mountain Music Treasure.

Alters in the 5th District
Created by Leticia Gonzalez, T Loving, & Veronica Conran
Tucson, AZ
Temple Cabaret – Sat 6pm, Sat 10:30pm, & Sun 6pm

Alters in the 5th District is an interdisciplinary ritual unearthing trauma inherited, experienced, and passed on while reflecting on the possibility and cost of healing. Atravesando el universo que siempre ha conocido tu nombre between specter and flesh, rites and ritual, even when the mind forgets the body remembers, knowing what it finds has reason.  Our ancestors straighten/curve our spine with their blessings/curses, adorn us with their laughter and memories, and bear witness to our continued existence. Alters is a nonlinear fleshing across dimensions we never had maps to discover before.

Currents: An Immersive Circus Experience
Created by Spider Silk Circus
Tucson, AZ
Circus Academy – Sat 3pm
Special Performance

A young girl tumbles down into a magical underwater world, but discovers that all beauty comes with a dark side. Join her as she explores all the dimensions of the underwater world through ground and aerial acrobatics with the ocean creatures she meets.

Died in a Trailer Park/Woke Up a Mermaid
Created by Ariel Leaf
Minneapolis, MN
Steinfeld Warehouse – Fri 6pm, Sat 9pm, & Sun 3pm

Storyteller Ariel Leaf may have been murdered, but that didn’t stop her from living under the Washington Ave. Bridge, having sex in trailer parks, accidentally smoking crack, or unintentionally hitchhiking through Wales.

Gidget on Donuts
Created by Caren Detore
Tucson, AZ
The Screening Room – Sat 6pm

Gidget on Donuts is a collected andro pop group. Avant sounds of sweet players gelling to the alternate universe. The instruments convey a musical twist of fates. Fun, upbeat intensifying flare. Authenticity and poetic justice blend the souls with purpose to play.

House of Hope
Created by Esperanza Dance Project
Tucson, AZ
Temple Cabaret – Fri 9pm, Sat 4:30pm, and Sun 4:30pm

Taking its name from the Spanish word for “hope,” the Esperanza Dance Project is a one-of-a-kind, community-based collaboration that spreads awareness and educates about childhood sexual abuse and sexual violence through dance, music and narrative with a powerful performance created for youth and performed by youth. Esperanza Dance Project was started in January 2011, by choreographer, artistic director and mother of a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Beth Braun. Esperanza performs in high schools, colleges, universities, at community events and conferences. Now, beginning its ninth season, EDP continues to touch the lives of thousands and deliver a message of hope for healing, strength and empowerment.

How to Contract Lycanthropy
Created by Mathew Kessen
Minneapolis, MN
The Screening Room – Fri 10:30pm, Sat 3pm, & Sun 6pm

“How to Contract Lycanthropy”: Because sometimes you need practical advice. A one-man, tweed-wearing, pipe-smoking, comedy lecture – with PowerPoint! – chock full of helpful household tips and tricks from throughout the world and its history for taking the form of a wolf and going forth to maraud and terrify. Also advice on how to become an attractive Amazonian were-dolphin, an avenging Nile were-crocodile, and a menagerie of other bizarre horrors!

Men Are Garbage
Created by James Pack
Tucson, AZ
StudioONE – Fri 7:30pm

James Pack reflects on childhood trauma through poetry and storytelling. He examines masculinity and anxiety and shares his own personal struggles with mental health and recovery. Raw emotion and pain come alive on stage. “Men Are Garbage” attempts to inform audiences that toxic masculinity is as harmful to men as it is to women.

Old Pueblo Playwrights Showcase
Tucson, AZ
Temple Cabaret – Fri 7:30pm & Sun 12pm

Old Pueblo Playwrights proudly offer an eclectic collection of five 10-minute plays, staged by Tucson’s finest actors and directors. All plays are written by members, and some were performed in past OPP festivals.

Sexology: The Musical
Created by Mel Moseley
Portland, OR
StudioONE – Fri 10:30pm, Sat 4:30pm, & Sun 6pm

A powerful, funny, musical journey from monogamy to polyamory: complete with show tunes. Explore new paths to intimacy through courageous, authentic storytelling. From the agony of jealousy to the joy of compersion, peak inside a triad and hear firsthand accounts of love without limits.  Winner of “Best in Show” at the 2019 Boulder Fringe Festival.

Silly Woman
Created by Emily Gates & Zoe Keeter
Tucson, AZ
StudioONE – Fri 9pm & Sat 6pm

Zoe Keeter is a junior at the University of Arizona pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and Anthropology. She hails from the vast province of all-over-Southeast-Arizona. As an overly dramatic child, she was handed the prestigious title of “Class Clown” from 3rd to 7th grade. Silly Woman is close to her heart as her first devised work, and for the opportunity to work with long-time friend and incredible actress Emily Gates. She hopes that this show makes you laugh a little, think a little, and most importantly, feel a little.  She is incredibly grateful to the Tucson Fringe Festival for this opportunity, and hopes you enjoy the show!

Tammy’s Bachelorette
Created by Nannette Deasy
Developed by IRTE
New York, NY
Steinfeld Warehouse – Fri 9pm, Sat 7:30pm, & Sun 4:30pm

Catch the Bouquet!
Blonde, beautiful Tammy Tucker is getting married, and YOU’RE INVITED! Join her at PARTY CENTRAL, the Bennigan’s in the Headquarters Plaza Mall in Morristown, NJ, and join in the on-the-spot fun as IRTE’s own Bridezilla is reunited with all her besties – and beasties! Be there for the male “exotic dancer”, cake, party games and perhaps an ex-boyfriend or two to help her say goodbye to single life in the improvised and interactive Bachelorette Party of the CENTURY! Rebecca Benedict of Outer-Stage called Tammy’s Bachelorette the “BEST. PARTY. EVER.” Jan Ewing of Hi-Drama called it “raucous and a hell of a lot of fun.” Anthony Piccione of Onstage Blog was left “laughing non-stop and wanting more.” Kisses, Betches!

The Cosmonauts Sketch Comedy
Created by The Cosmonauts Team
Phoenix, AZ
Steinfeld Warehouse – Sat 6pm

We are The Cosmonauts, an off-beat and twisted sketch comedy troupe in Phoenix, Arizona. Our material is 100%-scripted and approved by HOAs everywhere. The Cosmonauts Sketch Comedy Troupe is one of Arizona’s longest-running sketch comedy troupes, performing around the Phoenix valley for close to a decade. The Cosmonauts have been seen at Comedy Off Main Street, ImprovMANIA, Hidden House, and Monkey Pants. And have headlined at the [SIC] Sense Theatre, Tempe Center for the Arts, Space 55, Brelby Theatre, and the Mesa Arts Center. The Cosmonauts were also Official Selections of the 2018 Tucson Comedy Festival and the 2018 Joshua Tree Improv/Comedy Festival. The Cosmonauts would like to think that their sketches, in all of their unique and gently-twisted glory, will bring peace to the world… but unfortunately that honor goes to Bill and Ted.

The Green Man Recalls
Created by Mark Eberlein
Tucson, AZ
StudioONE – Sat 3pm

A 4 act, one-man presentation of creation stories in the “just so” tradition. Tales of the gifts given by the creator to snake, bird, and people.

The Pajama Party Monologues
Created by Dr. Veda Kowalski
Vail, AZ
The Screening Room – Fri 6pm, Sat 10:30pm, & Sun 4:30pm

Dr. Veda Kowalski is performing her first one woman show “The Pajamama Party Monologues”.  She is a writer/poet/performer, influenced by the writing styles of Maya Angelou and Ntozake Shange.  Reflective of their work, her artistic expression is fueled by telling stories, bringing characters to life and giving voices to women especially African American women who struggle with relationships, issues of self-worth and reclaiming their power. Dr. Kowalski writes to encourage, to inspire, to spark conversation and to speak about those things women have come to fear…. truth, vulnerability and indifference. It is within her writing that she seeks to spark conversations with and among women to break down the walls between mothers and daughters, sisters, and sister girlfriends.   In her own words, Dr. Kowalski states “I use my voice to inspire women to forgive, apologize, encourage one another, and to hear our shared stories.”

The Shape of AZ and U.S. – in 2 Parts
Created by Jimmy Descant & Brandon Bergman
Tucson, AZ/Austin, TX
Steinfeld Warehouse – Sun 1:30pm

A socially/politically conscious live piece written, produced, directed, and performed by Jimmy Descant and Brandon Bergman. Descant severely deconstructs and constructs an Arizona-centric assemblage, and Bergman will intersperse his improvised and composed pieces with lyrics, poems, character acting, soaring guitar work and word string songs to deliver the emotional commitment impacted into the art they channel thru the cosmic spirit. All emoting the cost and benefit of current times and creativity in the Southwest, and beyond! A severe 45-60 minute event!

What, Will You? Variations On a Theme by William Shakespeare
Created by Katie & Alina Burke
Tucson, AZ
Steinfeld Warehouse – Fri 7:30pm, Sat 4:30pm, & Sat 10:30pm

Do you like Shakespeare?  Do you like gay romance? Do you like hilarious happenstances and mishaps? Then this show is for you! What, Will You? is a queer rewrite of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night with even more gender-bent fun and chaotic bisexual energy than the original. The best Twelfth Night remake since She’s the Man, this comedy will leave you asking the question, what even is gender?

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me
Created by Amy Frost and Nicole Meade
Tucson, AZ
StudioONE – Fri 6pm & Sat 7:30pm

Stories of errant fathers: a live version of the podcast You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me!

Stop Hating Yourself Podcast
Created by Catfish Baruni & Carl Case
Tucson, AZ
Temple Cabaret – Sat 3pm

The self-help podcast where the hosts help themselves while entertaining you. Free show for Fringe Button holders.