The 9th Annual Tucson Fringe Festival will be January 9-12, 2020. More details coming soon. Below is a list of our venues.

Below is a list of shows chosen for the 2020 festival. Please note these are subject to change. The show schedule and tickets for the festival will be posted at the beginning of November.

We Both Know         created by Kassandra Torres West Jordan, UT

Is our inability to be open an honest about sexual assault and abuse of power within sex preventing us from growth and change?

Blood and Water created by Rachel Brill White Plains, NY

Romeo and Juliet meets the Israeli Palestinian conflict, set in modern day NYC.

Pajama Party Monologues   created by Dr. Veda Kowalski           Vail, AZ

An exploration into the gift of sisterhood through monologues and storytelling.

Elementos De Mi Life Margueritte Saxon & Leticia Gonzales Tucson, AZ

A Sonoran coming of age story featuring a brown female protagonist and reworked Mexican folklore.

What, Will You? Variations On a Theme Katie & Alina Burke Tucson, AZ

A queer interpretation of Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.

Silly Woman created by Emily Gates & Zoe Keeter Tucson, AZ

Women have always been funny, and they know this but not everyone knows.

Men Are Garbage created by James Pack Tucson, AZ

An examination of masculinity and childhood trauma through poetry and storytelling.

Tom Potter Musical Humorist created by Tom Potter Tucson, AZ

Musical Humorist Tom Potter performs his one-person show, “Antisocial Extrovert.”

Gidget on Donuts created by Caren Detore Tucson, AZ

A musical performance of poetry and song.

Currents created by Spider Silk Circus Tucson, AZ

A girl discovers a magical world on the ocean floor, told through acrobatics and aerial arts.

A Life of Sorrow- the Life and Times of Carter Stanley  Created by Gary Reid Roanoke, VA

A one-man show that uses storytelling and music to bring to life a legendary Mountain Music Treasure.

Sexology: The Musical! created by Mel Moseley  Portland, OR

Join Mel as she explores her journey from monogamy to solo-polyamory in this award winning one-woman musical.

The Cosmonauts Sketch Comedy The Cosmonauts Team  Phoenix, AZ

A sketch comedy show of Medium Proportions!

Tammy’s Bachelorette   created by Nannette Deasy, developed by IRTE New York, NY

Blonde, beautiful Tammy Tucker is getting married, and you’re invited to the improvised and interactive Bachelorette Party of the CENTURY!

Died in a Trailer Park/Woke Up A Mermaid  created by Ariel Leaf   Minneapolis, MN

Storyteller Ariel Leaf may have been murdered at 15, but that was just the beginning of her adventures…

How To Contract Lycanthropy   created by Matthew Kessen     Minneapolis, MN

A comedy lecture on how to turn yourself into a werewolf (or werecat or weredolphin or others)!

The Shape Of AZ-ona, and U.S. – In 2 Parts created by Jimmy Descant & Brandon Bergman     Tucson, AZ / Austin, TX

A one of a kind social/political live assemblage/poetry/musical/performance piece.

<=2 created  by Side Projects       Elgin, IL

Hate something? Don’t worry, it will be over soon. Love something? Too bad, nothing lasts forever. Each piece in this show is two minutes or less.

Space Force! created  by Michael Shantz & Tom Steward     Chula Vista, CA

In space no-one can hear you break the law … except for Space Force!

Stop Hating Yourself created by Catfish Baruni Tucson, AZ

The self-help podcast where the hosts help themselves while entertaining you.

Old Pueblo Playwrights Showcase Tucson, AZ

Old Pueblo Playwrights, a Tucson non-profit thats is 30 years old, presents five original 10-minute plays.

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me Created by Amy Frost and Nicole Meade Tucson, AZ

Stories of errant fathers: a live version of the podcast You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me!