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A Mermaid's Tears

A housecleaner-turned-tycoon shares her expertise of building her empire by creating opportunities for women to be sexually aroused as they watch men cry. Eager young female entrepreneurs have much to learn from this detailed to-do list, with practical advice on how to commandeer a pornographer’s mansion, recruit emotionally labile gents, and — why not? — pay them nothing. A whale of a story in the form of a one-person play.

Lindsey and Courtney are two sisters who only get along when they are goofing off. Their lives start out as perfect with their family, but after an accident, everything changes. As they try to redefine who they now are, their journey takes them everywhere until they finally understand one another. A true story written/performed/directed by Phoenix actress, Lindsey Marlin.

This production is being presented under the auspices of the Actors’ Equity Association Fringe Festival Code.
Based on Actual Events

Awarded Best of Fringe at the San Francisco International Fringe Festival and Nugget Fringe as well as People's Choice Award, Jaye Lee Vocque performs his one-man show illustrating that everybody has a story. Does there have to always be a ‘lesson to learn’? Or can you just…‘be’?
Black Trashbag Magic

Black Trashbag Magic is an almost comedy about adolescence, becoming a woman in the face of trauma, and the magic of the mundane. Natalie tells the story of her past relationships while simultaneously acting them out, and she learns that maybe her analysis of her past is not as perfect as she thinks. The play is not overly serious as we watch the characters discover their sexuality and play with witchcraft. Content warning: sexual assault.
C*nts Being C*nts Talking About C*nts Comedy Show

It started out wanting to address this old myth there is in comedy that all female comics only ever want to talk about their vaginas. There are so many hilarious things that happen to c*nts that are too good not to share. We wanted a space where we could share these things without the fear of being labeled and dismissed as a c*nt. The show then turned into what it is now which is a celebration of owning the real meaning of the word: c*nt.

What happens when the words are missing? This is what we are attempting to answer in Conversation. A collaborative, exploration into power dynamics, relationships, tension, silence, stillness, background noise, emotions, and conversations, all shared around meals, without the use of verbal words. We aim to provide an experience for the audience that can demonstrate the power that bodies and silence can have in conveying messages, feelings, and relationships. So consider this an invitation to join us for a talk without all the obnoxious gab!
CANCELED - Delightfully Rude
International Man of Mystery

What's the cure for heartbreak? Funny songs! Queen Mab will tell the story of loving and losing a mysterious fellow from a small South American country whom she met in an awkward meditation class. With the help of a big metal xylophone and a tambourine that wants to be a drum set, she'll make you laugh, cry, and call your congressman. Come find out what it's like to be an International Man of Mystery!
Esperanza Dance Project

The Esperanza Dance Project believes in eradicating stigma, secrecy and shame associated with childhood sexual violence. Taking its name from the Spanish word for “hope,” Esperanza Dance Project was started in 2011 by Beth Braun, a professional dancer, choreographer, high school dance educator and mother of a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. The Esperanza Dance Project integrates music, dance and spoken word into a powerful performance to spread awareness and educate about the issue of childhood sexual abuse and sexual violence and to deliver a message of hope, strength and empowerment.
Life as An Associate ...AKA F**ing Cashier

What happens when 60-year-old unemployed actress Moira Keefe is in need of some extra money? She decides to take a holiday temp job with TJ MAXX. A hilarious clash of world views unfolds as Keefe realizes she should never have accepted the associate position of an F... ng cashier.
Love and Information

Staged in the patio of Passé – Bar & Café, TwoEighteen’s immersive production of Caryl Churchill’s Love and Informationemphasizes the close proximity of the actors and audience. By immersing the audience in Churchill’s vivid language, the play confronts how the emotion of love and the consumption of information shape our personal identities and interpersonal relationships. The audience is encouraged to order coffee or drinks while experiencing theatre in a non-traditional theatre venue on 4th Avenue.
Magic & Comedy

Come experience an enchanting show full of laughter and mystery with Comedy and Magic!  Illusionist Michael Howell will fool your eyes and tickle your funny bone with his witty comedy and enchanting illusions.  Enjoy as he dazzles minds, and fills hearts with laughter.  You don’t want to miss the whimsical, magical, and all together clever antics of Illusionist Michael Howell! Come and experience the wonder of magic with Illusionist Michael Howell and Comedy and Magic!
Misogynistic Shoes

New York’s YER Productions presents Gavin Kayner’s tale of an urbane middle-aged man, roiling with inner turmoil while colliding with a free-spirited 20-some year-old woman, complete with an utterly shocking finale everyone will be talking about in MISOGYNISTIC SHOES!
Name-Tag Blues

Award winning performer Shane "Scurvy" Spears goes behind the Name-Tag with interviews gone wrong, bosses given the finger, drug tests thwarted, resumes embellished, customers offended and the ups and downs of getting hired, fired, used, abused, subdued and unglued in a solo tribute to the plight of the proletariat schmuck.
CANCELED - Put a Little Shimmer in Your Life

Retired professional athlete meets single San Franciscan woman age 40+. He's looking for freedom and she wants commitment. Somehow, it results in an amazing adventure of friendship, fame an fur. (Did I mention he's a greyhound?)

Sparkgang® is a subsidiary of Sparkgoons Entertainment Enterprises®, there are 3 constant members of Sparkgang (lil $G, Young Great, Ralo Numbanine) along with many contributing artists. The performance features a high energy modern style rap with lyrical singing. The singing aspect of the performance (performed by lil $G) creates a entirely different vibe from the ordinary rap concert. All the songs performed by Sparkgang are original songs written by the Artists and produced in Tucson, Arizona.
The Devil on the Wall or, That Time I Got Kidnapped

Award-winning comedian Jamie Campbell relives the time he was kidnapped as a child in this solo performance that is part stand-up, part storytelling, and 100% true. Travel back to 1991 as Jamie returns to what he calls “the greatest adventure of my life.” Harrowing at points, and astounding in others, the veteran comic deftly walks the line between comedy and tragedy, exposing his own faults, and refusing the play the victim card.
The Gonzo Hour

A crash landing in the Sonoran desert leaves a mysterious traveler with a nasty bump on the head and their spaceship in pieces. Will they figure out how to fix their ship? Will they remember their mission? Come ready to help as they need your imaginations, presence, and voices to put things back together again.

From the fevered imagination of Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde came to life in 1886 and it's taken Strada Company 132 years to lampoon this classic tale of good and evil (essentially some white guy behaving badly). Strada drags the story kicking and screaming into the 21st century, puts it in a blender, soaks it in top-shelf whiskey and brings it live to the Tucson Fringe. Hijinks ensue. “The writing at Strada is always good” - Kevin Charles Patterson, San Diego International Fringe Festival.
The Immaculate Big Bang

Not only does Comedy Central comedian Bill Santiago take on his two favorite frenemies, Religion and Science, in his new show, “The Immaculate Big Bang,” but he launches into the audacious material from a poignant narrative framed by the death of his father and subsequent birth of his daughter. Yeah, it’s ambitious. And, wait for it… hilarious.

Santiago swings for the existential fences, delivering a show drawing critical acclaim. “Bill Santiago’s comic monologue is so much better than the rest of the stand-up I’ve seen at this year’s (Vancouver) Fringe that he makes the other guys look like they’re sitting down,” praised Vancouver theater critic Colin Thomas.
The Politics of Sex and the Sex of Politics

YER productions presents The “Politics” of Sex and the “Sex” of Politics, in situations that capture existential wonder! An Eccentric housewife, a poetic salesman; two presidents, one going out, one coming in; an old lady with imagination, a sophisticated accomplice, and a devastatingly sexy F.B.I. Agent.
The Quote

In 1987 Gary Hart was the presumptive nominee for the democratic party’s primary, promising to run his campaign with the highest integrity and ethics...But he was also having an affair. THE QUOTE is a fictionalized account of the newsroom the night before the story broke and tackles how the triumphs and failings of all of us can affect our democratic process.

‘Unwritten’ is a Tucson-based improvisation troupe with a novel approach to the standard theatrical script – Never have one.  With nothing more than an audience generated location and character traits, troupe members create and perform a complete 3 act play.  There is no rehearsal, no script, and no way to know what will happen on the stage.  Every performance is the debut of a play that has not yet been written and a test of what improvisational theater is capable of.
The GRANDest Pageant

Welcome, welcome, welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us in tonight’s festivities. We are proud to once again present to you “The GRANDest Pageant” because at the heart of it, this show is all about us! Tonight, please join us for an evening that harkens back to the wonderful days of community and the truly important things that have always brought us together. Come for the celebration with our one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime performances and pick your favorite! Witness all the spectacle that titillates the known senses while challenging our deepest desires and choose which one is best! Bid in the showcase that brings us all together as we appreciate our deeply held values. It’s an evening where everyone is a winner, so get ready folks: It’s time to pick the favorites, it’s time to choose the best, it’s time for The GRANDest Pageant!
Vixen DeVille Revealed

This is a special event. Tickets are $20 for everyone and $17 for anyone with a Fringe Button. Each person must have a Fringe Button to get the $17 ticket.

Burlesque, Circus, Magic, Comedy … and a few home truths!!! British actress, Cat LaCohie reveals the truth behind her Burlesque persona, ‘Vixen DeVille”, inviting you on the journey to discover YOUR own inner Vixen. Embrace the freedom to express yourself, BE yourself, CELEBRATE yourself, the GOOD, the BAD and THE WOBBLY!!

- Best International Show (Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018)
- Soaring Solo Artist Award (Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018)
- The Encore Producers Award (Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018)
Stop Hating Yourself Podcast

The "Stop Hating Yourself" podcast is the world’s first self-help podcast where the hosts, Catfish Baruni (6x Tucson Fringe performer) and Carl Case (6x James Gang concert attendee), focus exclusively on helping themselves while entertaining you, the audience. Watch as Carl and Catfish leave the safety and comfort of their studio and bring their own brand of humor and irreverence to the stage as they explore their respective mental health journeys. Laugh along with the boys while they dissect popular affirmations, assertions, and aphorisms and break down the stigma of mental illness in a candid and hilarious manner.

This show is free with purchase of a Fringe Button.