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2024 Tucson Fringe Festival Show Awards

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If you know any of the folks who worked on these shows, be sure to congratulate them. All the shows we had this year are deserving of awards and we hope to have just as many amazing shows at the next festival.

Best Drama
Futakuchi Onna by Kristin Moran from Phoenix, AZ

Best Comedy
An Arizona Bestiary by Matthew Kessen from Minneapolis, MN

Best Dance/Physical Movement
Death of the Swan: The Tragedy of Pavlova by Maddie Natoli from Phoenix, AZ

Best Musical/Show Featuring Music
Don’t Stop Believing: A Theatric Remix of the 1980’s by Torrey Shine from New York, NY

Best Solo Show
Mind Reader by Steven Nicholas from Cleveland, OH

Best Ensemble
The Grand Adventures of the Tortellini Brothers by Layla Amerson, Jen Gantwerker, & Carey Antoszewski from Phoenix, AZ

Best Local Show
Camping by Allison Talavera & Ally Tanzillo from Tucson, AZ

Best Out-of-Town Show
Intuitive Treasure Hunter by Janna Sobel from Chicago, IL

Beyond Border(lands)
From LDS to Goth: My Teen Years by Michelle Cannon from Phoenix, AZ

Spirit of the Fringe
Iluminancia by The Viera Studio from Palm Bay, FL

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