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Venue Spotlight: BYOV Passé/Cirque Roots


Our final venues for the 8th Tucson Fringe Theatre Festival are BYOV. BYOV is a fringe term meaning “Bring Your Own Venue.” One of many things the Fringe provides for artists are venues and liability insurance, but sometimes artists find their own venues to use or their act requires more stringent (and more expensive) insurance. They pay the costs for their venue instead of the festival. In most cases, this allows them more freedom with scheduling and use of space, but with greater financial risk. The risk mostly depends on what the venue asks for in return for using the space. This is the second year the Tucson Fringe Festival has hosted a BYOV performance and we are excited to continue bringing Tucson the finest in Fringe performance. 

Our first BYOV is Passé. Located on the Historic Fourth Avenue since 2006, formerly known as Café Passé, the coffee house/bar has had many changes over the last 12 years. Passé was named after a business in Germany which burned down in 2004, from the first owner’s home town. The venue will host a production of Caryl Churchill’s “Love and Information.” Showtimes are listed on the 2019 Fringe Schedule Page.

“By immersing the audience in Churchill’s vivid language, the play confronts how the emotion of love and the consumption of information shape our personal identities and interpersonal relationships.”

Our next BYOV is Cirque Roots. Founded in 2011, this grassroots artist collective hopes to inspire people to create and play with movement and dance. They are home to many local entertainers and provide their space for rent. The entertainment provided by Cirque Roots Productions are live bands, DJs, Modern Hoop Dance, Fire Dancing, Stilt Walking/Acrobatics, Partner Acrobatics, Belly Dancing, Juggling, Clowning/Miming, and Aerial Arts. This makes their venue perfect for our special event “Vixen DeVille Revealed.”

Vixen’s show has a little burlesque, a little fire eating, walking on broken glass, and so much more. Because of the extreme nature of parts of this show, insurance is costlier. This is a special event open to the public and not just for Fringe Pass holders. Tickets are $20 for everyone and $17 for anyone with a Fringe Button. Each person must have a Fringe Button to get the $17 ticket. Fringe Pass holders receive a $10 discount but must present their pass and purchase their ticket at the door. Showtimes are listed on the 2019 Fringe Schedule Page.

Vixen will also have several workshops and classes during the entire Fringe weekend. These are not included as part of the Fringe, but we encourage you all to check them out and learn a thing or two about your body. Learn more about the workshops by visiting Vixen’s Burlesque & Body Confidence Page.

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