Why Fringe?

Fringe doesn’t curate.  Fringe is different.  Fringe loves new work.  Fringe restores the artist’s creative influence.  Fringe doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg.  Fringe doesn’t tell you to eat your vegetables.  Fringe gives all the money back to the artist.  Fringe is a laboratory for ideas.  Fringe is the future of performance.  Fringe is community.  Fringe is awesome.

Our hope in bringing the Fringe to Tucson is to expand upon an already thriving theatrical community by promoting affordable opportunities for artists to craft original ideas while presenting a wider array of performance practices to the spectators.

For more information on the history and ideals of Fringe, please visit the United States Association of Fringe Festivals at http://www.fringefestivals.us/.