By Mark Twain; Adapted and performed by Catfish Baruni

Mark Twain (right) and Catfish Baruni (left)

Mark Twain (left) and Catfish Baruni (right)

Description: In as few words as possible I wish to lay before the nation what share, howsoever small, I have had in this matter, this matter which has so exercised the public mind, engendered so much ill-feeling, and so filled the newspapers of both continents with distorted statements and extravagant comments—on or about the 10th of October, 1861, John Wilson Mackenzie, of Rotterdam, Chemung County, New Jersey, contracted with the General Government to furnish to General Sherman the sum total of thirty barrels of beef.

The bill has yet to be paid.

Join Catfish Baruni as he uses nothing but his wit (and select obscenities) and a bootlegged copy of PowerPoint to share with the world his version of Mark Twain’s classic short story, “The Facts in the Case of the Great Beef Contract.”

Bio: Slideshow Fairytales is a live reimagining of storytime, the kind audience members may have been dragged to in their respective childhoods, but with less artistic talent and more four-letter obscenities.  Slideshow Fairytales was originally created by Catfish Baruni in order to pay off substantial gambling debts. While his heart was in the right place, the money was not, and he now is forced to live a life with only one and three-quarters knee caps.

Catfish Baruni is a triple threat: he buys his own shoes, he ties his own shoes, and he wears his own shoes.  He also does some writing, if you can call it that.  This is his third Tucson Fringe Festival—maybe he’ll get it right this time.  That’ll teach him to never again outsource writing his own biographical blurb.  And to never pay upfront.

Mark Twain isn’t even this dude’s real name!  How can we believe anything else he tells us?  Was he really a writer?  Did he really invent Kentucky fried chicken?  Did he really tame Haley’s Comet?  The sad fact is that we may never know whom this man actually was.  Whom?  Who?  Whichever.

For more information, visit the facebook page or Catfish’s website.

Friday, September 12th, 7:15pm @ Fluxx

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Sunday, September 14th, 2:30pm @ Club Congress

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