written and performed by Jeanmarie Simpson

Jeanmarie Simpson; photo by Jade Beall

Jeanmarie Simpson; photo by Jade Beall

Description: In a cinematic collage weaving storytelling, painting, music, and dance, Jeanmarie Simpson reflects upon the death of her father in this one-woman show.

Bio: Jeanmarie Simpson is Artistic Director of Universal Access Productions, a theatre company based in Tucson Arizona. She has performed dozens of roles in regional theatre and stock in the US and Canada and began writing and directing while still in her teens. She is Founding Artistic Director of the Nevada Shakespeare Company, from which she retired in 2008. She wrote and performed 263 times the play “A Single Woman,” about the life of first US Congresswoman and lifelong pacifist, Jeannette Rankin. She also starred in the film version that featured Judd Nelson, the voices of Martin Sheen and Patricia Arquette and the music of Joni Mitchell. In 2007, she appeared at the historic Beverly Hills Theatre 40 in the American premiere of the solo tour-de-force “Shakespeare’s Will,” produced by Leonard Nimoy. Jeanmarie is a practicing Quaker and life member of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). In 2009, at Tucson’s Rhythm Industry Performance Factory, Simpson opened in the solo performance, “Coming In Hot,” in which she played 17 women who served in the US military. Simpson is co-adaptor of “Coming in Hot,” which is based on the book, “Powder: writing by women in the ranks from Vietnam to Iraq.” She is currently in rehearsal with her new solo-work, “Mary’s Joy,” about the life of Mary Dyer, hanged in Boston in 1660, because she was a Quaker.

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Saturday, September 13, 5:15PM @ Fluxx

Sunday, September 14th, 3:45pm @ Fluxx