I LOVE YOU (WE’RE F*#KED)  is a wild mix of stand-up comedy, storytelling and original music by Kevin J Thornton.  It’s a tale of lost love spun into a hilariously absurd odyssey!  “I was living in LA working on some new stand up material and going through a pretty intense break up at the same time. I moved out and came to Indiana for the winter to hibernate and clear my head. Instead of clearing my head I ended up drinking a lot and writing folk songs. I decided to smash the stand up, the heartbreak and the music all together into, what I think, is an interesting and entertaining evening of performance.” says Thornton

Thornton first explored this style of performance in his 2009 hit show “Sex, Dreams & Self Control” whose national tour caught the attention of the Los Angeles Times and NPR’s All Things Considered.  After spending a year in the Los Angeles stand-up comedy scene (where he won “New Faces Night” at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood) his new piece became a little grittier and less scripted.  However Thornton continues in the style influenced by David Sedaris and Sandra Bernhard with music inspired by Van Morrison.
I Love You, (We’re F*#ked)” shows a gay man trying to find love in a new century. The hero knows he must move on from heartbreak but first looks back and asks “how the hell did I get here?”  Audiences will howl at this fast paced performance and will leave humming its catchy tunes..