2018 Shows


A Bit Touched

“A Bit Touched” explores one woman’s use of humor and OCD to safeguard her through a variety of strange jobs and clinical depression. (appropriate for 18+)

@EXPLODED VIEW: 1/13 3:00 PM, 1/14 6:00 PM




A Glorious Day for Mrs. Sissy Fiz

A Glorious Day for Mrs. Sissy Fiz portray seven women at different stages of their lives through humor dramatic brawls, bawling babies and loving embraces. (appropriate for 13+)

@EXPLODED VIEW: 1/12 7:30PM, 1/13 4:30PM & 9:00PM





Trapped with a man in a room and everything that can go wrong; goes wrong. (appropriate for 13+)

@STEINFELD: 1/14 3:00PM




Allah Earth: The Cycle of Life

Deaf Indian Muslim Poetry Dance Mime Multimedia Show. (appropriate for all ages)




Anthem and Aria: The Psychic Soulmates

An Interactive Magic Experience That Reveals The Secrets Of The Mind (appropriate for 13+)

@Scoundrel&Scamp: 1/12 6:00PM, 1/13 9:00PM, 1/14 6:00PM




Confessions of a Delinquent Cheerleader

The combustible combo of being a teen with a lot of guts and little supervision led Mame to moments of hilarity, illegality, vulnerability, and calamity. Thankfully, a cocktail of common sense and luck got her through to the other side, but not without the scars that many young women carry. (appropriate for 13+)

@ EXPLODED VIEW: 1/12 9:00PM, 1/13 6:00PM, 1/14 1:30PM




The discovery of emotions and humanity. (appropriate 13+)

@STEINFELD: 1/12 9:00PM, 1/13 7:30PM, 1/14 6:00PM





Do You Want to See Me Naked?

A searingly-funny, uncomfortably-intimate one-woman show featuring the range of sexually defining experiences of one overweight ex-Mormon woman; this is a non-apology for loud and offensive bodies. (appropriate for 18+)

@STEINFELD: 1/12 6:00PM, 1/13 9:00PM, 1/14 7:30PM



Feces on-da Face

Feces on-da Face boasts a tour de force performance by two actors in an Airbnb with hilarious and thoughtful dialogue about gender neutral babies, modern relationships, and the Super Bowl. (appropriate for 13+)

@ELYSIAN GROVE MARKET: 1/12 8:00PM & 10:15PM; 1/13 4:00PM, 6:00PM, 8:00PM & 10:15PM, 1/14 1:30PM, 3:30PM, 6:00PM & 8:00PM



Feel the Power of the Dork Side

A hilarious and educational look at science & technology and their practitioners. (appropriate for 13+)

@STEINFELD: 1/12 4:30PM, 1/13 6:00PM, 1/14 1:30PM




Fight for 52¢

A talk by the leader of the 1934 Minneapolis truck driver strikes.

@HOTEL CONGRESS: 1/12 6:00PM, 1/14 4:30PM




Gutless & Grateful

A one-woman autobiographical musical comedy, and inspiring story of survival and determination about waking from a coma, seeing the world with new eyes, and keeping your hunger alive with humor, gratitude, and “guts.” (appropriate for all ages)

@ STEINFELD: 1/13 3:00 PM




If I Were Me… I’d Know What I Want

She wanted to go to an Alice Cooper Concert but entered a Dairy Princess Contest instead, the start of a life-long journey searching for and finding her voice. (appropriate for 13+)

@Scoundrel&Scamp: 1/12 7:30PM, 1/13 7:30PM




My Suicide Note

Collin Williams’ “My Suicide Note” takes dark comedy to a new level and tells a truly astounding life story that’s been described as “Honest, Heart-wrenching, yet somehow FUNNY!” (appropriate for 18+)

@THE FLYCATCHER: 1/13 4:30PM, 1/14 3:00PM & 6:00PM




Nickels and Dimes

The comedy duo of Nickels and Dimes grabs the threads of everyday conversation, taking topics like nerdom, depression, food, and friendship, and braids them together into a self-deprecating rope of comedy, pushing the result onto an audience uproarious with laughter and tears.

@THE FLYCATCHER: 1/12 6:00 PM, 1/13 1:30PM & 6:00PM




The Fringe Element

The Electrosmog being forced upon us in the form of old cold war weaponry, touting microwave wireless technology as the latest safest and the latest technology is being hidden and suppressed.





The Gay Uncle’s Journey Through the Valley of the Dolls

One Magicians Journey from birth to Stage.(appropriate for 13+)

@STEINFELD: 1/12 7:30PM , 1/13 4:30PM, 1/14 4:30PM





The Sybil of Mars

A seer from Mars needs to uncover past records to save her home. (appropriate for 13+)

@ EXPLODED VIEW: 1/12 6:00PM, 1/13 1:30PM, 1/14 3:00PM





Threads is a performance that invites the audience to embark in a journey of self discovery and reflection. (appropriate for all ages)

@Scoundrel&Scamp: 1/12 9:00PM, 1/13 7:30PM, 1/14 7:30PM





Trial Child: Nurture a Better Nature

“Trial Child: Nurture a Better Nature” is a tragicomic, unconventional household drama set in an imagined future where self-control is the single most important quality in human development and Trial Child, a robotic replica of a couple’s would-be child, is the newest technology. (appropriate for 13+)

@EXPLODED VIEW: 1/12 4:30PM, 1/13 7:30PM




White-ish: A Memoir

Inspired by the growing national conversation around race in the United States, this performance shares one woman’s journey up and down the “Scale of Racism”, and a deeper investigation behind “white privilege.”(appropriate for 13+)

@CONGRESS: 1/12 7:30PM, 1/14 3:00PM