UNREALITY SHOWS:THREE SHORT PLAYS is written by playwright Joan O’Dwyer.  Director: Whitney Morton, Stage Manager: Tonya Shank, featuring Matt Brown, Sarah Mitchell, Renata Rauschen, Colin Roberts, Martie van der Voort, and China Young.


HAPPENS ALL THE TIME– A newcomer, Kate, joins a terminal cancer support group and challenges the other patients’ faith when she starts asking tough questions.  KIDS! – A pair of unconventional mothers and their precocious and
 hilarious children are having a day at the beach, when they are joined 
by a handsome stranger and his child, to whom there is more than meets 
the eye.  
IS A PIG’S ASS PORK? – Set in a dystopian matriarchal society some 
decades into the future, a rebellious council member visits the last
 living historian for a re-education lesson.