THE BARELY FREE BAJA SPECTACULAR! Written and Performed by One Gentle Mule

One Gentle Mule, a performance company spontaneously created by local musicians Bryan Sanders, Ryan Alfred, and Katherine Byrnes, presents Bacchanal Vaudeville for this year’s Fringe.


This is their show’s manifesto: “We shall secrete a concentrated but vast parody spectacle of New Old-Timey music, Fresh Bold-Slimy humor, miracles, vagabonds, politicians, maniacs, psychos, and freakishly good musicians!  There will be no blood! Everything will be up for sale, and nothing shall be sold! We shall insist upon a Free Baja in the way only those from Baja may possibly understand! Fun will be had, and mayhem, and music! There will be no available exclamation points when we are through! And anyone from north of Sierra Vista shall be positively enriched by the unacceptability of the continued Maricopa Sheriff-ness of Massachusetts Joe! Do you dare not participate?”